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Related post: Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2010 15:32:48 -0500 From: Blade Upton Subject: The Puppet GameDISCLAIMER: This story involves gay sex between minors. If it is illegal for you to view this little model lolita nonnude then don't read it, if you are offended by it, then don't read it. This is a small loli girls nude work of fiction and never actually happened, the characters do not beautiful loli nude links exist. Thanks for reading :DThe Puppet Game I remember being stuck in the front with Carter's mom. We were all going to Cypress Hills which top 100 lolita websites was lolita sisters nude pics about a six hour drive, there were four of us; Brayden, Carter, Wyatt and me...oh, and Carter's mom. They young loli ilegal pregnant got to sit in the back and I drew the short straw so to speak and was stuck at the front. It was a long ride, cp board free lolita pre modeling lolly teen they kept whispering stuff that I couldn't hear so I just tried to sleep by resting my head on the vibrating windows of the car. We can skip the boring part can't we? Because I COULD narrate a russian ukrainian lolita galleries six hour drive I want to? No. Do you bald teen lolita pussy want to read it? No.So, after a loli girls preview nude few hours we finally arrived at the camp ground. After pedo lolita bbs portal a lolitas g string gallaries few minutes of stretching our legs Carter's mom brought out two tents, one for her and one for us. We set up the tents, went swimming, had hotdogs for supper, the works. felt nude lolita model portals wierd, everytime I turned around Carter and the rest of lolita bbs toplist pthc them were all whispering little loli c p something. I guess this trip was wierd from the beginning, Brayden and Wyatt were always really close friends sunny lolitas nude girls of mine but Carter wasn't. He was friends with Brayden ls bbs lolita asian and Wyatt but I don't think he ever really liked me, but all of the sudden he wanted to bring nude lolita jap pic me to Cypress Hills with him.I kind of just shrugged it off, it didn't hot exotic korea loli really mean anything, I said to myself. And that night when Carter's mom sent us to our tent, I was still telling myself the same bullshit. I thai lolita pussy pics guess before I go any further preteen model lola bbs I should note that I was the youngest, Brayden was 14, Wyatt was too, and Carter preteens lolitas in thongs was 15. I was the youngest, I had just turned 14 a month ago.Anyways, Carter's mom had told us to go to bed but, really? A sleep over? There was no sleeping. We stayed up, whispering for at least an hour and then Carter finally brough it up."Let's play a game." He said."What kinda game?" Wyatt asked."Okay, let me explain, it's called the Puppet Game. Here's what happens, one person is the real lolita nude pix puppet master and he gets to choose who his puppet is. Whoever he chooses has to do WHATEVER he says no matter what for ten minutes. We'll use young lolita nude portal Wyatt's watch to time. If you don't do what your told, we add five minutes for every minute that you refuse. And once its over then the puppet becomes the puppet master. Everyone got it?"We all nodded but to be honest, I didn't really get it. What were we going to make each other do?"I wanna go first!" Announced Carter.We nodded, ya, okay sure.Carter thought for a moment, then pointed at me, "YOU get to be my puppet, Zach." Wyatt and Brayden laughed at me and I blushed. "Ready?" he asked.I nodded at him shyly.--PAUSE--I guess I should describe the boys involved here, to make the picture a little more vivid. Carter was tall, and muscular, he played lots of hockey, his abs were a faint outline illegal underage nude lolitas on his young lolita girl models stomach. free preteen lolita gallery His hair is long and over dark home loli pictures his eyes, dirty blond. His eyes are almost lime young free nude lolitas green and his lips are very full, plump, and pink.Brayden is skinny, medium lengthed hair, you can see his abs but we all joke that its not because he's in shape loli ecstazy info nude but because he's so skinny that his skin is stretched across his muscles haha. His eyes are brown and his hair is light blond, his lips lolita nude glamour pics are very thin and his skin is about as dark as a white boy's can bad little redhead lolita be before he's just not white anymore.Wyatt is shorter than all of us, sexy young lolita art his skin is very dark, he has brown eyes and dark, medium length. His lips are HUGE, you'd guess the guy had something preteen lolita models videos injected into them monthly. He's also skinny, nowhere near as scrawny as Wyatt, I have to describe me? Fine. All the girls say I'm a cutie... ugh. My hair is between blonde and brown, and its just over my eyebrow line. I'm small girl xxx lolita really short, 5'3 IF that, just taller than Wyatt. I have green eyes, but they look blue from afar. I'm skinny, not overly built, I don't play a lot of sports.--PLAY--"Okay, ditch your pajamas."I just sat there for a second. "What?""You heard me, take off your pajamas!" he whispered loudly.I blushed again and Brayden turned on a russian bbs lolitas xxx flashlight and shined it at me. I took off my shirt and then my pajama bottoms and just sat there, huddled in my underwear."Underwear too." Carter commanded.I gulped and shook my head."15 minutes now, Zach. Do it, you'll get to do the same stuff to us lolita porn underage teen later, right?"I guessed he was right, so I layed down on my back and hooked my thumbs into my underwear elastics and pulled down. The boys giggled candid teen preteen lolitas as my underwear unearthed my rock hard dick. I don't know why it was so hard and I was really embarrassed but lolita bbs n n I couldn't put them back on. I pulled my briefs off of my ankles and tossed prepubescent female lolita models them aside. My dick was just barely 5 inches long, it was cut and- in my honest opinion banned top nude lolitas -the perfect shape, not too thick nude lolitas very youngest and not too thin. When I lia model lolita tgp turned around Carter lolitas nude glamour net was completely naked already! His dick lolita underage photo book was hard lolicon hentai image boards to and I tried not to look at it but I had to. It was young bbs lolita preteens HUGE! Much bigger than mine! I had just hit 5 inches and his must have been on the verge of 7! It was cut, I imagined all our dicks were, and preteens little lolitas models the vein running up it was far more than distinguished. He was standing up with his hands on lolitas in thongs pics his hips."Do you know what a blowjob is?""Ya, thats when a girl sucks a guys dick isn't it?" I said sheepishly."No," he shook his head, "you were half right, but it doesn't have to be a girl, a guy can suck a dick too."I suddenly knew what he was getting at."So suck it." he said."No.""20 minutes, Zach.""No FUCKING way man!" I said and unzipped the tent. I crawled outside away from nude little lolita thumbnails the three of them. All of them were calling me a pussy and telling me that I HAD to do it.I sat huddled, nympho lolita tgp google completely naked on the wet grass. I 16 yo lolita tube heard the tent get zipped up and turned around. They locked me out! And all my clothes very young lolitas tgp were in there! What was I gonna elwebbs preteen lolitas pics do! I couldn't let Mrs. Connor see me young lolita nude ls in my birthday suit!"No! You guys! Let me back in!""Only if you play by the rules, Zach. 25 minutes, free hard lolita sites by the way.""Guys thats not fair!" I hissed at them. They didn't care. "Alright, alright I'll do it!" I said.The tent was opened in an instant and I chill nude lolita gallery crawled in quickly. There was Carter, his seven free real lolita bbs inch dick sticking straight out, mine was hard as steel, too. What was the matter with me?"Suck it." he said.I crawled over to him free young lollita toplist and knelt in front of him. His dick was level with my mouth. I was so scared that I was shivering just out of nerves. All three of them were whispering, "do it, do it!!" and I just couldn't. My mouth was so dry and I was just staring at this dick. Carter grabbed my head and pulled me forward, he rubbed his dick all over my face and I whimpered like a pictures of lolitas free little kid. "Do it man, or we put you back outside."I grabbed his dick, felt it. It sent a jolt of electricity up my arm and I suddenly felt ready. I opened my mouth and put preteen sex lolita rape it on his dick. He didn't even have to say anything, I wrapped my lips around my teeth so I didn't bite him and I sucked. It didn't taste bad at all! lolitas nasty girls photo It even sorta tasted... good. I child lolita 12y bbs tried not to understand small lolita bbs pics little nude young lolitas what I was feeling and instead just enjoyed the moment. I bobbed lolita top ranking paysites up and down on his massive cock and he ran his hands through my hair. I free loli masturbating pics looked through the corner of my eye and underage loli best sites saw Brayden and Wyatt absentmindedly stroking their own dicks through their lolita model free vids pajamas."Farther." naked prelolita top sites Carter said."Hmm?" I lolitas underage nude pic said.He grabbed my head and pushed me down on him and thrust his hips deeper and I felt his dick going down my throat. I started gagging but decided that rather than barfing, I should breathe through my nose. Soon my nose was in his pubes and his dick was all the way down my throat, it was sexy young little lolita the strangest feeling!"Like that bitch, go down farther on my dick!" He growled. "Here, keep your head still."I did as commanded and he pulled me into him and started thrusting his hips really hard. best sites of lolitas It was so erotic! I enjoyed it as forum of young lolita much little lolita pic info as I could but my mind kept trying to tell me how wrong it was, this was a guy and his dick was down my throat. Carter started moaning loudly and kept thrusting his hips. I kept sucking and then I felt his dick spasm a little in my mouth. I panicked, he was going to cum! His dick tasted GREAT but I didn't want to taste cum, that felt more gay than just sucking. I moaned to tell him I wanted off and started to pull my head off, but he best nude loli model was too strong for me, he held my face in place and kept fucking my mouth.I struggled to get free but I couldnt and finally he let out one more satisfactory moan and I felt a rope of jizz hit my tongue. Then another, and another and another! His cum was all over the inside of my mouth and it tasted SO good! I'm so glad he wouldn't let me pull off. he kept fucking my mouth and I kept recieving his cum. Finally, he started to slow down and he thrust his dick to the back of my throat once more, lola lyric star stripes really hard. Then he pulled out.My eyes lolitas art gallery pics were closed and I licked my lips, moaning to the pleasure of being face fucked for the first time. "Haha what a fag!" Carter said as he watched me swallow the rest of his milk."Okay, next, innocent young flowers lolita suck Brayden. Brayden, lay on your german lolitas nude free back." 5.y.o lolita nude pic Brayden did as he was instructed. "Get naked." Brayden lolita bbs porn cp smiled and pulled off all his clothes in a hurry. And there was his dick, legal preteen underage lolita a solid 6 and a half inches. "Get sucking, Zach."I laid on my stomach litle lolitas nude fotos between his legs and opened my mouth. Before I took him in, I took a deep breath with my nose and smelt that boy-ish scent. Then, I went down on him. He gasped deeply as I took his whole dick in with one plunge. He grabbed my head and pushed my head down more, moaning already. I kept bobbing up and down on his cock, then suddenly i felt something. A finger....rubbing something on my asshole. I froze and kept completely still, I turned to the side, Carter was sitting across the tent, that meant Wyatt was doing it! And all of the sudden I felt a finger in my ass! The finger humped me slowly but then pulled out."Keep sucking Zach." I completely forgot what I was supposed to be doing! young russian loli pics I went back to dark lolita child links my job and then felt something else touch my wasn't a finger. Wyatt grabbed my shoulders and pulled me towards him as he pushed in. I suddenly realized I was about to get fucked. I felt his dick go in, and I didn't feel any pain...maybe I was too "in the moment", it just felt...wierd. Wyatt started thrusting his hips in and out of me and then when young nude lolita tops he finally made it all the way in I felt it. The most amazing feeling in the top cp lolita list world, he touched what I now know was my prostate. I made a muffled moaning sound as I continued to suck on Brayden.Wyatt took my moan as a go ahead signal and started plowing my ass top shy lolita sites like there was no tomorrow. My breathing young lolitas preteen pics got heavy and I sucked Brayden with more vigor. I turned to the side and noticed Carter FILMING it with a video camera! But I didn't care! I was in the zone. Wyatt fucked faster, I sucked harder and Brayden began to moan so loud that he was almost yelling. child boy lolita portal He pulled my head down on his cock and started cumming in my mouth. photos of lolis 15y It tasted even better than Carter's if that was possible.Wyatt kept fucking me and I swallowed all of Brayden's jizz. Then Wyatt gave one good last thrust and then I could feel his cum splattering the walls of my ass. He pulled out and collapsed on candid pantyhose lolita pics his back next to me. Brayden puilled me off of him and i just lay there, all of us gasping. Carter clapped his hands at our performance, very good boys. But Zach's 25 minutes ended 7 minutes ago. That was all pedo lolitas nude free I remember, after that everyone kind of just laid lolita girls naked pictures down and I only lolita thumb pics fell asleep.The next morning was dismal, we ate, we played football and swam, but I think we were all just waiting for the young foot lolita preteen next night. It FINALLY came and Carter said, "So whose up for the puppet game?""I lolitas around world pics call lolitas pussy 16 years puppet!" I shouted outloud, everyone laughed and I got on my knees in front of Carter again.e-mail me at to give feedback, thanks for reading.
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